About event


The very first THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE took place in 2014 with the efforts of the running club «KM Running club». Color Run (at the initiative of Trevis Sneider (USA)), is an annual event, held in 40 countries around the world and we are excited to be a part of a big international colorful movement. It all began with the very first run in Kiev involving 800 runners. In just 4 years the race grew to a massive celebration that attracts more and more people every year. THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE is about making great memories of celebrating the beginning of summertime, as well as taking colorful pictures, making new friends and gaining unforgettable experience. Our goal is to unite different people for the sake of sport and good cause and to make Kyiv a happier and brighter place. In 2021 we expect to see around 3000 participants and way more spectators.


Before the start every participant receives a special white running T-Shirt, a bib number and a bag of a real Indian holy powder. Charity merchandise is also available for purchase. Together with their families, friends and loved ones, runners celebrate the beginning of summer and Children’s Protection Day.

Children will also have their separate Kids race with presents at the finish line.

The race is untimed. Hundreds of runners can choose to run 5 km distance in the rain of holy powders. WOW – is the short description of the event.

Extremely important:

  • Wear white T-Shirt at the starting line
  • Finish covered in holy powder from head to toe.

After the race there will be a THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE Creative Awards for best costumes, DJ, lottery with valuable prizes from our partners, contests, flashmob and tons of unique photographs.



Although THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE is an entertainment event,  we also want to draw attention to the importance of healthy leisure and support the idea of healthy lifestyle. Every year there are more newcomers joining us for the Run. It helps us to share our values with greater number of people nationwide.

We hope THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE will encourage Ukrainians to work out more and will be a push for some of them to get into running on a regular basis.


Our greatest reward and pleasure is to see hundreds of smiling faces at once. THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE is an event for absolutely everybody, despite their age, occupation or training.

Holy powders of different colors add emotions and excitement among our participants. Hard times happen in life, and modern world is far from perfect. However, on the Children’s Protection Day our goal is to have FUN, spent some quality time together with friends and family, forget about everyday routine, experience childlike happiness and positive attitude! THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE is a kind of therapy with beauty, colors and laughter!


The race is untimed, so it is not about who comes first. That’s why we encourage everyone to find their own goal to run for. Join a company of friends or run for your parents, run for children, personal projects and ideas, charity or initiatives. Celebrate summer, friendship, love… and be yourself!

Wear colorful costumes, add eye-catching accessories to support the mood and win prizes at Color Run Creative Awards! Creativity is welcomed, encouraged and rewarded. Plus, you get into the light of dozens of cameras to make great memories.


World The Color Runs inspire us with their example of charity initiatives and fundraising. Traditionally all funds gathered from our Kids race registration are directed to the needs of little cancer patients. We also gather presents, sell charity merchandise for donations and are open for any partnership suggestions.


THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE 2021 will take place August 29, 2021 at Troitska square. Please note that Organizers reserve the right to change the location. In case it happens, we will inform everyone involved in the event ASAP.

For the comfort of our youngest participants there will be three distances in Kids race this year: 500 meters depending on the age category.

We’ve prepared 2 tonnes of holy powder, which means more fun, more color and a bigger reason to invite your friends or even people you barely know to join the run.

More announcements and pleasant surprises ahead! So follow our news, join us on Facebook and Instagram.

We can’t wait to see you at THE COLOR RUN UKRAINE 2021!