At the end of March 2017, during the preparation of Kyiv Color Run, we’ve announced our partnership with “Tabletochky” Fund

At the end of March 2017, during the preparation of Kyiv Color Run, we’ve announced our partnership with “Tabletochky” Fund.

For our 2017 charity initiative, we chose to help Pediatric Department of Oncological Hematology of Kyiv Regional Oncologic Dispensary. At that time the hospital needed equipment for their manipulative unit of intensive care, two surgical lightheads.  

We asked Kyiv Color Run participants to support our goal and help doctors, young patients and their parents. And although it was only our first baby-step in developing Kyiv Color Run charity component, we believe that there are no unimportant details in beating cancer.

Joining our campaign was pretty easy: for example, register a child for our Kids Race, as all funds raised from Kids Race registration were directed towards the goal; or make a donation in exchange for exclusive charity merchandise – pins, stickers, refrigerator magnets, colorful postcards. All charity merchandise was manufactured together and with the support of New Balance Ukraine. Our campaign lasted for couple of weeks. We tried to spread knowledge about our initiative,  participated in Kurazh Bazar festival during their Indian- themed weekend and brought our holy powders. We’ve also had a “box of kindness” installed in New Balance Stores to gather donations and arranged a spot with charity merchandize to buy at the event.

All funds (50 000 UAH), raised at the event, were immediately transferred to “Tabletochky” Fund, our partner in realization of the initiative.

And now we see all purchased equipment in its places, already helping patients, and receive gratitude from the hospital staff. We’ve also purchased stands for prolonged blood infusions, an important instrument in a process of treating young patients.

We are grateful to everyone, who joined our initiative and we hope to achieve more next year!


About “Tabletochky” Fund

  • Established  by volunteers in 2011
  • Provides young cancer patients with psychological and palliative care and their families with and support.
  • Develops volunteer and donor movement in Ukraine
  • Achieved safe blood transfusion in OKHMATDYT Children’s Hospital.
  • Sent 43 children abroad for treatment.
  • Helped over 7000 children